Thursday, September 3, 2009

An intriquing encounter with Orchids

Hi, my name is Terry and I actually left the trade of being a professional commercial photographer for about ten years due to poor eye sight issues. I had sold all my equiptment since.

Thanks to morden science and technologies, I had my eye problem fixed and is now preparing myself for an exciting photography career and advantures ahead, doing stock imaging and simple studio setups.

I am making a comeback, armed only with a Canon EOS 50D body and a 17-40mm L lens. Not really a comeback, but actually more of a warm up exercise to see if I still got it. Digital camera is not quite the same as those film equipment I am accustomed to. I encounter lots of camera handling bobos on this outing to the Singapore's National Orchid Garden & Mandai Orchid Garden. Please excuss me if the warm up shots are not up to expectations.

Fortunately, this warm up field trip turns out to be an intriquing encounter with Orchid flowers...the begining of more exciting advantures to come.

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